TALK TO ME is a video about self harming.

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Ganù Studio - Cristina Clelia Cambiganu

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Artefacts for User Orientation = design + ceramic realisation + coordination to the realisation

Pedestrian floor signs along the sea promenade 'Anita Garibaldi'. Ceramic stoneware bricks with resist letters on enamel. The layout of the brick/signs naturally creates an arrow, partly replacing the existing fishbone paving. Musei di Nervi, Genova.

City of Genoa "Totem" type signposting system. Corten steel structure, ceramic stoneware inserts and plates, also embossed. Ideation, ceramic craftmanship, Design in cooperation with the Genoa-based Studio di Architettura 5+1.

Overhead banner

Porcelain and steel detail.

Overhead banner

Porcelain, Stainless steel.

Branding and external Banner. "Bagni Ulisse", Albisola Superiore (Sv).


floor signposting system.

Requalification study for the premises and the guiding signals with orientation panels and ceramic wall banner with embossed letters

Castello D’Albertis - Museo delle Culture del Mondo, Genova


concept + drawing + colouring + graphics + design

Printable on different supports - layout for different kind of media

Overhead banner

Prototyping + presentation


Porcelain is permanently resistant for external use and pleasant to touch.

"Totem"detail. Embossed stoneware plates showing maps.City of Genoa

Permanent tactile route consisting in reproductions of pieces in the Museum's ceramics collection with insertion of Braille texts. Palazzo Bianco - Musei di Strada Nuova, Genova.

Branding and external Banner. "La Marinella", Albisola Superiore.

External banner detail. "Le Corbusier", Genova.

Project's Management

Fulfilled artistic and technical works

Animated Drawings - Communication Design - Maps - Signage-Tactile routes - WayFinding


A professional way to welcome a professional way to identify yourself.

Porcelain is permanently resistant for external use.

Design + ceramic realisation + coordination to the realisation

Parco di Villa Pallavicini and Museo di Archeologia Ligure: overhead banner, external banner, floor signposting system.


communication design with animated drawings =

concept+script+storyboarding+drawings+colouring+video production+infographics.