The Cappuccetto

Cappuccetto is one of the first artistic work in the

world realised with 3D ceramic printed technology

where the awesome hand-crafted pottery art

made by Ganù is being transformed, maintaining

the amazing centuries-long tradition of this

wonderful medium, but refreshing it with

the exploration of unique shapes and ideas.

All 2D original image copyright of Massimiliano Frezzato. © All rights reserved

All images copyright of Cristina Cambiganu 2008 - present. © All rights reserved

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Taken from one of Cappuccetto’s best drawings, the Max Frezzato's one, Ganù Studio created the 3D unique model in porcelain. The virtual model has been created using 3D scanning technology and then the resized limited series of sculptures in porcelain using the 3D ceramic printing technology. Every sculpture, refined and painted by hand, is a unique work where the artist has a big part in the process.